Father’s Day Unique Gifts for Dad

Give dad the gift of love and thank that lasts year long…

Remind dad our love and thank with every sip. Start dads day with these powerful words as the water crystal experiment from Dr. Emoto. The vibrations of these powerful words will travel all over our body with each sip.

Let dad walk proud and happy with these love and thank shirts. Your love and thank that’s sitting right on his heart will be sending the powerful vibrations throughout the day. Just like in the Dr. Emoto water crystal experiment our body is also 3/4 water. These words written on our clothing will have the same effect to our inner world as the crystals.

Give dad love and thank all year round at home and at work. Make all these gift options essential to dads everyday life filled with positive powerful vibrations spreading into his body, mind and surrounding. Not only will you remind dad your love and thank every time he looks up to look at the time, but you will also fill his office or home with your love and thank vibrations around the clock.

Get dad to sip his morning coffee filled with your love and thank in his every morning commute to work.

Keep dad tight and warm wrapped with your love and thank sweatshirt. He will feel your hug of warmth and make it his first choice of sweatshirt.

Scroll through our gift shop partners and find dad his favorite gift or gift him from all.

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