Everything in our Universe is energy. Love is the most powerful energy of them all. It is also the purest and highest vibration of energy. 

Research shows that, thoughts and emotions turn on and off genes. Genes opened by the positive thoughts and emotions provide health and balance in our body. DNA codes open with love and gratitude emotions. The opposite of positive emotions close the DNA codes. Recent developments in quantum physics show that we create our own reality with our feelings and thoughts. Briefly, we create our outer world from our inner world.

In other words, we can call it "The language of the Universe is emotions“ and “The most pure, and influential emotion is love.”

Let’s take a moment to think about the answers to the following questions. Do we know which of our feelings are created in the course of the day? Which emotions dominate our lives mostly? Are we living by a flood of emotions triggered by environmental conditions, or are we in control of our emotions?

Once we learn how to control and manage our feelings, we also become able to manage our own reality the way we want. We must consciously be aware of our thoughts and words in order to manage our feelings. How often do we feel love and express it, to ourselves, the environment, and the people around us?

Think about it for a second. Scientific studies have shown that positive emotions create a natural, coherent pattern in the heart while negative emotions create an erratic, unnatural heartbeat. The heartbeat also known as the electromagnetic wave is what communicates our emotional state throughout our body. Synchronization to the vibration of the beat happens to all the cells. Low vibration also known as negative energy uses up energy where high vibrations also known as positive energy beats actually helps the cells store energy.

Doesn’t that make sense? When you are in a good mood you are full of joy and energy!

It is necessary to live a healthy and happy life by focusing on the positive driven by our thoughts and emotions. If we think of our outer world as a curtain to our inner world, than our body is kind of our first curtain to our inner world. That being said it makes our body and everything around us a reflection of our inner world. A healthy body and a happy outer world are an indication of our inner world in balance and loving. What do you think creates our inner world? They are our thoughts, emotions, and their repeated present and past beliefs rolled-up old and rigid belief patterns of our ancestors created by family, our environment, and the community. We can turn problems into positive belief patterns with consciousness and patience.

We know from scientific research that love has the most powerful healing powers in the universe. The presence of positive thoughts are not only strengthening our body, mind, and soul, but actually improving our lives. As mentioned above, being aware of it or not, as long as we breathe, we create continuous repetition of thoughts, feelings and beliefs. We will continue to make unconscious (or subconscious) new records in our mind. These beliefs can also be seen like a computer program. We must be conscious of the computer programs we install on our computer. Just like the antivirus programs installed on our computers we must also prevent entry to the problematic codes into our body, clean the ones that are already there and have them converted to positive. We notice how great the responsibility of our thoughts and emotions play once we realize that our reality is created by our ongoing thoughts created and transferred from ourselves and families. We must realize we are extremely powerful biological machines constantly broadcasting to the universe. This keeps the game going automatically until we notice. Once we understand the system, it’s time to consciously produce positive thought, speech and feelings.

Our outer world will change only when our inner world has changed. This is because our outer world mirrors our inner world. There are many of ways go through inner change. Some chose meditation, prayer, religious rituals, affirmations, etc... But the most effective way is the feeling of love, to love everyone and everything in the universe and to be thankful for everything we have. Gratitude also has sense of high vibration like love. The Japanese scientist Mr. Emoto, as seen in his water experiments, love and gratitude words sung, spoken or written on objects holding water creates the most beautiful crystals when freezing. The human body also consists of approximately 3/4 of water. Think of us, our bodies as a walking water bottle. The writings on our clothing, the thoughts in our minds make the same positive effects to our inner and outer world as seen in the water experiments how water makes when crystallizing.

Love & Gratitude and Thank You Water Crystals

Both, the body's health and our own reality we create are shaped with the emotions we are sending to the universe. Over and over again, love is the most powerful and effective energy in our Universe.

Being aware of the powers of the system and just pure love in its nature, as your Love & Thank team we initiated our mission to increase the feelings of love and gratitude to the universe. We can hear you asking “How can I start? What can I do? The most important step for each person is to love and know to appreciate you first. Filling ourselves endlessly through unconditional love first will allow us to spread our energy and love all around our environment. How can we spread something we don’t have? We can only spread to our environment what we have within.

You may have heard this before but if you haven’t, you can do an easy experiment that demonstrates the power of love. It’s called the Rice Experiment. There are many examples of this on YouTube. Rice left in a “love” written glass jar on it remains intact for long periods. Because the essence of the Universe is love, and everything is created with love. The Default power of life in the universe is love. An energy flow in the direction opposite to the default flow of life’s energy, will cause us problems. If we are having trouble both in our bodies and life it is due to the absence or lack of the energy of love.

You can make the rice or another experiment in your home. Think of a situation or person in your life right now that seems to be a problem. When you do it in front of a mirror, your face will tell the truth of your feelings about the situation or person. This problem may be a person in your life, your work, school, anything alive or just objects. Remember these are all a type of energy in the Universe. Begin to send the energy of love to the person or thing. Thinking of it or by looking at him or her repeat the phrases “I love you”, “I thank you" or "I love and thank you" over and over. You will know best the duration of this exercise. If the lack of your energy of love has been absent for long periods for the person or thing and opposite negative energy was being sent, you may have to send more love for a longer period of time. You should continue this exercise until your emotions reflect love and gratitude towards that person or thing. You can write positive affirmations on places like your mirror, refrigerator or computer screen where you often see during the course of the day. You can write these words several times during the day. Once negative thoughts and emotions arise about the person or thing, don't let it through your heart. Turn them into a positive as soon as possible with phrases like “I love you” and “I thank you”. It will surprise you how your pure energy of love will change your thoughts for the person or thing. In fact, it is not that the person or situation has changed. It’s your feelings for that person or situation. Your perspective and belief patterns have changed. Most importantly, our inner world that mirrors our outer world has been changed positively with you.

When we love a thing or a person we join the natural flow of the universe and everything flows beautifully and easily like water. In fact, once we have realized that the universe is created with love, our life changes. The important thing is that this love is unconditional. Sending a lot of love to and creating expectations to receive in return may create unhappy consequences for us. As long as we can stay with unconditional pure love, we will see the changes in our outer world that is mirrored by our inner world. In the game of life within the limits of the Universal Laws we will start to write, direct and play the lead role.

The LoveAndThank.org will continue to shed light your way as best we can with many projects to come.

We love and thank you... We love and thank all...